Network Accounting


Network Accounting
        When students enroll the university, each of them is provided with network account, the login name is student number and the original password is the last six digits of passport number. The campus network connection service enables university students to connect to the Internet immediately; each account has 10 Yuan initially. The campus network provides free services for academic and scientific research, while others are charge. For the safe of your account, please change the password as soon as possible.
        1. Internet Temporary Plan
        Temporary Plan:  0.5 Yuan/Hour (limited 200M Internet)
        Each international student has 20GB free Internet package each month. If you’ve used up your free Internet before expire, you can use wired connection and you can apply temporary plan for the remaining days of that month at (The change is available only at that month and cannot manage the next month.). You will change to original plan automatically the next month. Please follow the Instruction below.
        2. Internet Plans
        Plan 1:  8GB       10 yuan/month
        Plan 2:  20GB      20 yuan/month
        Plan 3:  35GB      30 yuan/month
        Plan 4:  50GB      40 yuan/month
        The international student can apply either four different Internet plan each month, whilst keep 20GB free internet. The plan will be available next month.
        3. Fee payment
        Internet plan can be purchased at the ‘Computer Internet transfer machine’ using campus smartcard. Fixed 10 Yuan each time. The fee of different accounts cannot transfer between each other.
       The location of ‘Computer Internet transfer machine’:
Liangxiang Campus
University Students Sports Center, First floor
No.2 Electrical Distribution, Second floor
Road Campus
East No.11 Building, First floor
West Library, First floor
        4. Internet failure
        If you cannot access to the campus network or any other question, please call 68985943 or, or send email to; For more questions and answers please visit:
        The university uses the real name system to manage the campus network, i.e. the account is bound by identity of each student. University and superior department use real-time monitoring to ensure proper usage of network.  The university will investigate for users responsibility if any of the above conditions are violated: infringes any legislation, nor any other University policy or rules, particularly in criminal offence, public security or offensive messages. The account should be your own personal use; it will not be given or lent to anyone else. Please keep your account and password safety and change the password regularly.